Dr. Werhan –
Kristen and I would like to thank you for introducing us to Dr. Corbin. He graciously agreed to be the officiant at our wedding on May 7, 2016 at the Vineyards at Betty’s Creek in Sylva, NC, and we are so happy that he did. Dr. Corbin was there for us throughout our planning process, agreeing to meet with us when we visited the Asheville area and was also very responsive by phone as we were planning everything from a distance. The day of the wedding, he acted as the officiant, the wedding coordinator, and as a calming influence for both of us. 
First, as an officiant, he was outstanding. He not only tailored the ceremony based on our wishes, but also provided a great message for all those in attendance. We wanted to stress how important our family and friends were to us and how much it meant to us to have everyone there. His message was spot on, really driving home the sense of community. It was a great message and something that Kristen and I will take with us as we move forward together. 
Second, he took on the role as wedding coordinator. Kristen and I opted against having a rehearsal since it was to be a small gathering and a smaller wedding party. This wasn't the greatest choice we made in our planning efforts. Kristen and I were running late, our parents didn't know where to go, the small wedding party that we had wasn't sure about the order of events, and the wedding coordinator we hired was running around dealing with other items. Luckily, Dr. Corbin was there and had multiple experiences with such situations. He herded the groom and his friends to the ceremony site, gave everyone a quick tutorial on how the order of events was to occur, and helped both Kristen and me during the ceremony to make sure we were doing and saying what we were supposed to. 
Finally, we will always remember him for being such a calming influence to both of us. He arrived to an already chaotic situation at the groom's cottage as there were several people running around, dogs barking, kids being kids, photographers wanting pictures, etc. It was difficult for me to keep up with all the comings and goings. Dr. Corbin pulled me aside at some point and just had a conversation with me. I'm not sure what we talked about at this point, but I just remember it allowed me to take a breath and I'm very appreciative for that. And then - my beautiful wife forgot to bring her ring to the venue. The shear look of panic on her face during the ceremony when she remembered was something I won't forget. At some point during the ceremony, she must have mouthed 'no ring' to Dr. Corbin. Without skipping a beat, he got her engagement ring from her and made it look like he was retrieving it from her maid of honor. I talked to several people afterwards about it to see if anyone had noticed (that and to make sure everyone knew that the bride, and not the groom, forgot their ring), but nobody could tell. His efforts really calmed down Kristen so that she could enjoy the rest of the ceremony. Overall, it was a great day and we were very fortunate to have Dr. Corbin with us.