Finding An Officiant/Minister


Finding the right Officiant/Minister for your wedding is important.


I can tell you that I would do the best job for you, but you need more than that.


Throughout this Web Site you can find information about me and my services, as well as pictures and videos, which give you some impressions.


Here is what I think is unique about my services as an officiant/minister.  I provide you material which allows you to put together the wedding ceremony you want.  Then once we have finalized the ceremony you can know, with confidence, that I will not add or take away from the text.  In other words, there will be no surprises or inappropriate remarks from the officiant/minister.  You will know in advance exactly what will be said and done during the ceremony.  I find that couples appreciate that and are more comfortable knowing it.


One prospective bride wrote me, “Will I know exactly what you are going to say?  I never would have worried about this before BUT I just went to a wedding and the minister decided to tell about his drug addiction and cheating on his wife.  It was not the place for it.” 


I would also suggest that you ask others for their recommendations. 


One source I would recommend is for you to ask your other vendors who they would recommend (the wedding coordinator at the location you are considering, the photographer or videographer you are talking with, the musician you plan to use, etc.).  Most of these people will give you a list of Wedding Officiants who are available.  But ask them who they personally would recommend, who they think would do the best job for you.  These people work with Wedding Officiants all the time.


Of course, people who have used my services are a good source.  Below are some of the many responses I have received from a few of the weddings I have performed.